Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Beegininng

My first post.  Let me preface this post with an explanation as to why I decided to (re)attempt to blog and what you can and cannot expect from me.  I am a high strung, overly dramatic, and intensely opinionated woman.  I have a low tolerance for stupidity and am easily agitated by the senseless. I'm mostly pessimistic and completely sarcastic. These are my finer qualities.

This blog will contain random thoughts, observations and what many may label as disturbing streams of consciousness.  I will not be posting pictures of crafts that I've made, recipes that I've tried or inspirational motivations.  I have nothing against these type of blogs.  I understand there is a huge following for those who have interests in the aforementioned.  And even I find them intriguing at times.  I'll check in, see an antique bedpan transformed into an adorable planter.  I'll get all excited and nostalgic and feel a brief moment of motivation before I realize, "Damn! This will never work. I don't touch dirt...or bedpans!"  You will find occasional swearing.  Words are powerful and I don't discriminate amongst potential additives of written composition.

I will voice an opinion on anything and almost everything.  No one subject is off limits.  I try not to attack people without provocation.  Most people, I find, are just asking for it.

So between finding most people intolerable and finding I'm bordering intolerable to people I know with my precise wit, daring sarcasm and all around dazzling charm...I'm also finding my social circle is dwindling. Which is perfectly fine by me.  Just more blog fodder.


  1. LOL...Readers BEWARE...the hounds have been released!!

    Go gettem' girl!! Bring out your whip and get cracken'!!

    Love you girl!!

  2. Hmm. I wonder if any of this is geared towards me?